Who are we?

We are Jeff Murchison and Mateo Ramos-Jang of Toronto, Canada and this is our blog for our bike tour around Japan. It serves as a place for us to document the tour and to keep friends and family up to date on our status.

Who are the no ride goods?

Well, us. That’s just what we (including several of our bike-riding friends here in Toronto) like to call ourselves. Contrary to the name we’re actually quite good at riding bikes, but who doesn’t like to poke a little fun at themselves every now and then?

Why Japan?

Why not? We’ve both wanted to go to Japan for a while, we’ve wanted to go on a tour for a while, so why not combine the two? The obvious answers include “because you’ve never been there before,” “because this will be the longest you two have ever ridden in one go,” or “because you don’t really speak Japanese,” but all those are just challenges waiting to be handled. I don’t doubt that we’ll run into some issues, but I also don’t doubt that we’ll get through them one way or another.